A Photo Tool

A Photo Tool for Apple iPhone and iPad devices. Available from App Store on your device.

A Photo Tool is image editing app with lots of tools and RAW support. You have great options to adjust the photos just the way you want them to look.

Free download.

App Description

Photo editing app for iPad and iPhone. Supports ProRAW and several other RAW formats.

Includes exposure and color settings, custom B&W tool and more to create great photos. Tools enable you to fix common mistakes like color balance and tint.

If your file contains more than one version of the photo you can choose which one to edit.

For example if you have used camera app that supports raw and it combined JPG and DNG files together, you can select to edit jpeg or the raw version of the photo.

Or if your photo was previously changed with edit tools build in Photos app you can choose to edit original or the edited version.


How to use A Photo Tool tutorial video. Watch above or click here to go to Youtube.


Supported file formats (loading for editing)

A Photo Tool is free to download and use. App contains advertisements.


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[eɪ ˈfəʊtəʊ tuːl]

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Free download.

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