Silver Black And White Photo Converter

Silver Black And White Photo Converter for Apple Mac line of computers. Available from App Store as a free download on your Mac.

With Silver B&W Photo Converter you can turn your color photos to great B&W images the way you want. Options to choose how color is transformed to grayscale lets you to accomplish your vision of great B&W photo.

With in app purchase you get additional B&W conversion tools to get even greater control.

Free download. Offers In-App Purchase.

Silver B&W Photo Converter is no second place holder but a true gold medal for photography professionals and enthuastics. Name Silver comes from Silver Gelatin technology that is used in black and white photography since 1870s.

App Description

With Silver B&W Photo Converter you can transform color photos to black and white exactly the way you like.

With color sliders and ready defined filters you can adjust the b&w transformation to make colors appear lighter or darker in the b&w image. For example adjust red flowers to look light or dark and fit nicely to the background.

Silver B&W Photo Converter has easy to use tools and you immediately see how your adjustments change the end result.

Basic color sliders for b&w transformation are available in the fee app.

With in-app purchase you get additional tools:

Supports jpg, png, gif, tiff and bmp file formats for saving and reads also heic format. Free version reads common raw file formats like dng, nef, raw, etc. Full RAW Editor available with in-app purchase.

Supports Continuity Camera so you can use your iPhone or iPad to take a photo or scan a document.

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